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Choosing Your Fabric

The team at Rivertown Interiors wants you to be happy with your furniture when we are finished. You are welcome to supply your own fabrics and materials. However, your pieces will not be under our warranty if the fabric you supply has any imperfections. We offer a large inventory of all kinds of materials, for your furniture upholstery. We have luxurious fabrics of all kinds, and we also offer  a sizeable inventory of leather. Our Suppliers  are stocked with thousands of beautiful  high-quality fabrics, and Leather that we are sure will match any theme or convey the statement you want to make. Call now for a free estimate.

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Cowhide Rugs

Hair on hides are bold and natural and represent a true cowhide. Color, size and shape will vary from hide to hide.  No two hides are exactly the same giving you a one-of-a-kind product.  Use as rugs, wall hangings and upholstery.

Salmagundi Rugs

Bring something fresh and new to your interior with our one-of-a-kind patchwork rugs.  This luxurious collection offers striking designs that will bring instant style to any room.  A combination of select Brazilian hair-on-cowhide and premium stitching are in symphony to create gorgeous, contemporary patterns entirely made by hand.

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