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Let us repair or restore your treasured antiques. Whether we are touching up or completely refurbishing we will give your furniture the attention it deserves. Please send photo for approximate pricing. Final pricing will be determined after inspection.
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Furniture upholstery in Austin, TX
Furniture Upholstery
Furniture Upholstery

Why should I choose Rivertown Interiors for my furniture upholstery?

Rivertown Interiors has been upholstering and repairing furniture for four decades. We provide top-quality upholstering services for clients all over Austin. You won’t find another upholstery business who can give you the same quality of fabric, attention to detail, artful design, and quality of craftmanship as we can here at Rivertown Interiors. Our workmanship is legendary. We value every piece that passes through our doors because we know that these pieces are valuable to our clients.


Here at Rivertown Interiors, we can take on any furniture upholstery project. Whether you simply want a new look for your outdated sitting room chairs, or you have an old family heirloom sofa that needs to be brought back to life, we have the artful skills and attention to detail that it takes to bring your pieces back to life. Whatever look or feel you are going for, we can help you. It’s our goal to ensure that all projects reflect the personality of our clients. No matter if you want class, whimsy, elegance, or fun, our team of craftsmen will provide a superior product.

Do you do furniture upholstery on outdoor furniture?

Rivertown Interiors can repair and upholster any of your outdoor furniture. We have access to a wide selection of outdoor fabrics and materials. We are experienced in building your outdoor cushions so that they have a long lifespan even when exposed to the elements. Whether your outdoor furniture is under an awning, in a screened-in porch, or even in the direct sun and rain, our furniture upholstery services are exactly what you’re looking for. Call now for a free estimate.


Is my piece worth paying for furniture upholstery?

Rivertown Interiors has the ability to take care of furniture upholstery on any piece. But the question we are often asked is “Is it worth it?” Our seasoned upholstery team can discuss with you the condition of your furniture to determine if it’s salvageable. We know that furniture pieces can be extremely significant and important. Family heirloom furniture is especially special to us, because we know you could bring your pieces to anyone for furniture reupholstery. We will do our absolute best to save your pieces so they can be enjoyed for years to come.


Will my pieces lose value if I bring them in for furniture upholstery?

Not at all. Actually, the opposite. Most furniture pieces are brought into us so that the value will be maintained. The number one reason for a refinish or for furniture upholstery is to preserve your pieces. If your furniture is on the edge of breaking or if the fabric is ripped and has holes, it’s not beautiful, and you can’t enjoy it to the fullest. When you bring your things to us here at Rivertown Interiors, we promise to give you a final product that is beautiful, professionally done, and looks like new. Call now for a free estimate.


Where do you complete your furniture upholstery services?

Rivertown Interiors has a fully outfitted workshop where we take care of all of your upholstering and repairs. Our space is climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your furniture suffering from extreme heat or humidity. Our workspace has all of the tools necessary to carry out even the most challenging furniture upholstery, so you can trust that we have what it takes to restore your pieces to like new condition or give them an entirely new look altogether.


The team at the Rivertown Interiors workspace has years of experience working in furniture upholstery. We handle every piece with extreme care and attention to detail. The results of a poor upholstery job are obvious and impossible to hide. Bad fabric matching, crooked cording, and loose fabric result in a piece that not only looks poorly done, but it ends up being uncomfortable to sit or rest on. Our craftsmen realize that aesthetics aren’t the only thing at play when we upholster and repair your furniture. We want you to enjoy looking at and actually utilizing your furniture after we are finished with it. That’s why we take care to give our full attention and energy to every piece we work on.


Do you offer more than furniture upholstery?

Rivertown Interiors has been providing the most professional furniture upholstery services in all of Greater Austin since 1982. Since we began, we have expanded into furniture repair and a full-service interior design group. If you feel like it’s time for a new look and feel but don’t know where to begin, look no further. We have been in the interiors industry for over 36 years. With that kind of experience, we have seen trends come and go as well as the kind of services our clients need for a total room or home makeover. Whether you’re decorating a commercial space, a single room, or your entire home, let the experts at Rivertown Interiors help! Call now for a free estimate.


Rivertown Interiors also provides custom pieces for our clients. We build custom guitar mounts, beds, headboard, benches, ottomans, and more. We can create something you will love that fits your distinctive specifications and desires. Come visit us and see what we have to offer.


Do you offer a warranty for furniture upholstery?

Here at Rivertown Interiors, we stand behind everything we do. That’s why we offer you a three-year warranty on our fabric pieces and a five-year warranty on our leather pieces treated with Guardsman Fabric Protection. Guardsman Fabric Protection keeps your furniture looking great even with daily use.


Can I provide my own material for my furniture upholstery?

The team at Rivertown Interiors wants you to be happy with your furniture when we are finished. You are welcome to supply your own fabrics and materials. However, your pieces will not be under our warranty if the fabric you supply has any imperfections. We have a massive inventory of all kinds of materials for your furniture upholstery. We have luxurious fabrics of all kinds, and we also carry a sizeable inventory of leather. Our storehouses are stocked with thousands of beautiful, high-quality fabrics that we are sure will match any theme or convey the statement you want to make. Call now for a free estimate.

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